You make choices for your cat regarding nutrition, environmental enrichment and well-being every day. These choices can affect your cat’s body weight and play an important role in your cat’s life expectancy and overall health. Understanding your cat’s accurate caloric intake requirements is key. Our veterinarians or animal technologists can work with you and help you understand what is ideal for your cat by formulating a plan to help your cat maintain ideal body weight.

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How do I know if my cat is overweight?

Your veterinarian will score your cat’s body weight during annual physical exams. Cats are typically considered overweight when their ribs are not easily felt, and they do not have a visible waistline. Cats require a lot fewer calories than many owners may think, especially indoor cats and cats that have been spayed/castrated. This is why it is important to consult with your veterinarian about your cat’s dietary needs around the time they are spayed/castrated.

How can I help my cat lose weight?

Most cats can lose weight and maintain ideal body weight when fed an appropriate amount of food and treats. Some cats require a prescription diet specifically made for weight loss to help them lose weight. Our veterinary team will help determine the appropriate amount of daily food your cat requires based on their age and lifestyle.

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