Arthritis Treatment for Dogs

As our companion animals live longer, it is not uncommon for them to develop arthritis. Arthritis can vary from intermittent soreness to an inability to walk. Annual health examinations, keeping our animals at an appropriate body weight and regular exercise will help keep your pet’s joints as healthy as possible.

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What are the symptoms of arthritis in dogs?

Arthritis pain can vary from intermittent stiffness to the inability to walk. If your dog is showing signs of pain, they should be examined by a veterinarian to determine the cause of the pain/stiffness and to develop a treatment protocol. Mobility issues are not only specific to arthritis.

What causes arthritis in dogs?

Genetics, body condition, previous injuries and lifestyle all play a role in the development of arthritis.

What are some treatment options for arthritis in dogs?

Depending on the severity of arthritic pain, treatment can include pain medication, joint supplements, non-medical treatment such as acupuncture/physiotherapy and lifestyle changes.

Can I give my dog Aspirin?

If your dog is showing signs of joint pain, it is safer to speak to a veterinarian before administering any human medication as some can be harmful to our pets.

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