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Jack Russell with a cone

Dog Spaying and Neutering

Neutering, spaying or castrating your dog is essential to control unwanted pregnancies and to help reduce the overpopulation of strays in desperate need of a good home. Not only is this a responsible thing to do as a pet owner, but it may also help reduce the risks of some...

Dog having their teeth brushed

Dental Care for Dogs

Dental disease is one of the most prevalent diseases in dogs and cats. In most cases, it is also one of the most preventable diseases. Maintaining optimum oral health aids in tooth retention ensures the ability to continue good nutrition throughout life which contributes greatly to overall health and well-being....

Blood samples from a dog

Blood Tests for Dogs

At Oakbank Animal Hospital, we offer a wide range of on-site blood tests and other laboratory services such as urinalysis, fecal exams, ear/skin cytology and fine needle aspirates. Most of these tests yield same-day results. We also may send samples to an outside veterinary laboratory for more detailed testing.

Cute black puppy looks into the camera

Dog Anal Gland Expression

For some dogs and cats, anal sac infections or impactions can be a common occurrence. All dog and cats have anal sacs which are two small structures located on either side of the anus just inside the rectum. These sacs naturally empty during your pet’s regular bowel movement and are...