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Surgery Service for Dogs

At Oakbank Animal Hospital, we provide routine, soft tissue, orthopedic and emergency surgery options. Because each pet's surgical needs are different, your veterinarian will discuss the required procedure in detail with you prior to the procedure.

Dog Urinalysis and Fecal Exam

We offer in-house urinalysis and fecal examinations. Your veterinarian will recommend a urinalysis to aid in diagnosing several conditions such as urinary tract infections, urinary crystals, renal function and glucose in the urine due to diabetes. Fecal exams are used to detect inflammation as well as bacterial, viral and parasitic...

Cute black puppy looks into the camera

Dog Anal Gland Expression

For some dogs and cats, anal sac infections or impactions can be a common occurrence. All dog and cats have anal sacs which are two small structures located on either side of the anus just inside the rectum. These sacs naturally empty during your pet’s regular bowel movement and are...

Overweight Dog Help

As a dog owner, you make choices for your pet regarding their nutrition, exercise and well-being every day. These choices can affect your dog’s body weight, which plays an essential role in your dog’s overall health. All too often, your dog’s weight gain sneaks up on you. For this reason,...